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We are really excited to bring the new Flexi-bay to market.

It is the result of years of development and with Golf Technologies driving the cost of ownership down to let you have the best sim on the market without compromising on quality.

The Flexi-bay is a simple classic looking Golf Technologies Ltd simulator bay enclosure to which you can extend or add components to best fit your budget or environment.

The side wings which can be purchased separately just click on and off if you have space you would rather use when not "on a course"

All components are of the highest quality and we have incorporated the use of 3D printing to allow us to have the option of adding additional components.

The screen material is imported from a manufacturer in the USA that creates the fabric specifically for golf simulators, giving you the best image and longest lasting screen available. The Flexi-bay is the result of years of development of bay design and manufacturing by Golf Technologies Ltd.

Bay size can be altered to suit your environment, however we do need specific measurements in order for us to be able to provide you with a price.

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