Why Buy from Golf Technologies Ltd?

We are the only accredited supplier of the Flightscope range of products in New Zealand and have extensive knowledge of the products with over 8 years product experience.

We have excellent levels of support through to the appropriate Support and Development Teams in Flightscope and other products like Swing Catalyst, Trugolf, Awesome Golf, Creative Golf, TGC2019.

We have been building simulators in New Zealand, both commercially and privately since 2012. 

What balls do I use?

Use of good quality and new balls will ensure that your hit screen will last much longer.

Use of a metal sticker will assist with measuring spin of the ball. The metallic sticker should always face the target. The metal dot creates a gap in the radio waves that allows the launch monitor to obtain more accurate spin data.

Accurate spin data is important as it directly impacts carry distance. Some stickers come with your launch monitor.

NB Titeleist have announced the introduction of a new golf ball developed for specific use with radar based launch monitors, this ball will be available in NZ mid 2022.

FlightScope Mevo and Mevo +

Mevo + vs Skytrak - what are the key differences?

  1. Ongoing costs. SkyTrak requires a yearly fee to access extra features and to connect to simulator software whereas Mevo+ doesn’t.
  2. Mevo+ includes more as a base package than SkyTrak.
  3. Mevo+ can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Whats the difference between Mevo and Mevo +?

The Mevo offers eight performance data parameters compared to 16 on the Mevo+.

Additionally, the Mevo+ includes an iOS simulation software package. The iOS package includes a lifetime E6 Connect five course package including Aviara, Stone Canyon, Wade Hampton, Sanctuary and the Belfry as well as 17 practice ranges and games. It also has an internal camera for target alignment.

The Mevo does not give shot shape, but the Mevo+ does which is why it can be used for golf simulation play.

What mobile devices are compatible with Mevo+?


iPhones / iPads with:
- iOS 13 or later
- Bluetooth LE 4.0 - supports UART/Serial Port Emulation service with RX and TX characteristics
Visit Apple Support for more information.

- Android 6.0 or later (devices made in 2015 or later)
- Bluetooth LE 4.0 - supports UART/Serial Port Emulation service with RX and TX characteristics

If I buy a used Mevo+ unit, do I get the original E6 Connect courses?

No, the E6 connect iOS bundle that comes with the Mevo+ during the original transaction is not transferable. If the user decides to sell his or her Mevo+ unit, the purchaser of the used unit will have to purchase a separate E6 bundle to gain access to courses and driving ranges.

Can Mevo+ be used indoor and outdoor? How much space is needed indoors?

Yes - Mevo+ can be used indoors and outdoors.

Space Requirements:
Indoor and Outdoor: 7-9 feet sensor to tee distance  (2.1-2.7 metres)
Short Indoor: 8 Feet Sensor to tee and min 8 feet ball flight (2.4 metres)

Where is the Mevo+ unit setup/placed?

Indoor Setup: Mevo+ will sit 8 feet behind the tee location.
Outdoor Setup: Mevo+ will sit 7-9 feet behind the tee location.
Simulator Setup: Mevo+ will sit 7 feet behind the tee location.

What is the size of Mevo+?

Dimension: 6.8" x 1.2" x 4.6" / 174 x 31 x 118mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 1lb / 465g

Does Mevo+ have its own power source?

Yes. The battery life is up to 2 hours on a full charge, and up to 1.5 hours in simulator play. 

What is the warranty on Mevo+?

There is a 1 year hardware warranty on manufacturer defects.

Does Mevo+ work with iPad?

Yes, Mevo+ does work with an iPad.

Does Mevo+ work with Android?

Yes, the FS Golf App and the FS Skills App are both available on the Android platform with Mevo+.

What simulation software is Mevo+ integrated with?

Mevo+ is integrated with TruGolf (E6 Connect) and comes with ownership of 5 golf courses (Aviara, Stone Canyon, Wade Hampton, Sanctuary, Belfry), 17 ranges, and a mini game powered by E6. This bundle that comes with the purchased of Mevo+ is for iOS only.

Customers have the option to purchase additional E6 simulation packages if they want more courses.

Mevo+ is also integrated with The Golf Club and Creative Golf 3D which are both PC only. 

Can measurements be converted to meters and km/h in the Mevo+ application?


Is there a yearly fee?

Myflightscope.com is our online cloud that allows users to view, store, and review each practice session.

You will be able to store three videos per month free of charge. If you wish to store more videos each month, you can purchase more storage. All FlightScope Mevo+ data parameters will always be available free of charge. 

There is also an optional support agreement available to put your Mevo+ under extended warranty. 

What is included in a Mevo purchase?

Along with your Mevo, you will receive a USB charging cable, 50 metallic stickers, a carrying pouch, and a manual.

Is Mevo sold on any third-party websites?

At the present time, Mevo can only be purchased through the following sites:

• flightscopemevo.com
• Amazon
• Top Shelf Golf
• Rain or Shine Golf
• Shop Indoor Golf
• Play Better
• Par2Pro (US and Canada)
• Homegolf (Australia)
• Golf Technologies (New Zealand)

If you see Mevo for sale on any other third-party sites, contact our Support or Sales teams to run the serial number(s) prior to purchasing the unit(s). This will help to avoid fraudulent transactions.

FlightScope X3

How long does Flightscope track the ball in flight ?

The radar tracks the ball for its entire flight until it either hits something (ground, net, etc.) or until the ball falls below the horizon of the radar (down hill).

How do I turn off my Flightscope unit?

On: Make sure the leg is down or extended and press the power button on top of the unit.

Off: For Xi Series models, press and release the power button on the top of the unit and tuck in the leg. For X2 Series models, press and release the power button on the back of the unit and tuck in the leg.

Is the Annual Support Agreement mandatory?

No, FlightScope's Annual Support Agreement is completely optional and can be purchased at any time.

How do I know what version of firmware my unit has?

Via FlightScope PC Software: Once connected to the unit via the PC Software, press F10 > Sensor > System Info

Via a mobile device: Select Device Settings and scroll down to Firmware Version.

If you have any trouble, contact  Golf Technologies.co.nz or USA Support at 407-487-8300 or support@flightscope.com.

How do I update my firmware?

Please find the latest firmware update list at X2 Elite Firmware.

Using Mobile Device:

  1. If you have a FlightScope app open, please close it.
  2. Connect your iPad to the internet (do not have it connected to your radar).
  3. Open the applicable FlightScope app.
  4. If firmware is available it will automatically start to download and a message will appear on screen "Downloading new firmware.." (download will take less than one minute) *IMPORTANT: Please do NOT interrupt this message!
  5. Once download is complete close the FlightScope app and connect your iPad to the FlightScope unit's WiFi
  6. Go to iPad Settings -> Wi-Fi -> and select the unit's Wi-Fi, this will be the same as the unit's serial number (IE: X2-00123)
  7. When prompted to enter password, please enter the serial number of unit. (IE: X2-00123, ensure that the X is Capital).
  8. Once a check mark appears next to the selected Wi-Fi, you are connected.
  9. Once connected to the unit's Wi-Fi, please open the FlightScope app. The firmware will automatically be pushed to the radar and show a status bar indicating the progress.

What mobile devices are compatable with Flightscope?

Apple iOS: 

iPad (3rd generation) or newer, iPhone (Skills app only)

Android OS:


Model Description

Model #

Android Version


Nexus 7

Nexus 7



Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1




Galaxy Tab 10.1




Galaxy Tab 2 10.1




Galaxy Tab 4



*Due to the nature of the open source Android OS, there are not always guarantees when it comes to declaring apps as compatible with certain devices. For this reason we physically buy the devices and test the apps on them, to be sure. We can therefore only fully guarantee the functioning of the apps on the above list of devices. For a complete list of devices supported by the apps, according to the Google Store API: Android Supported Devices

What are the minimum PC requirements to run the latest Flightscope software?

Recommended System Requirements

  • Processor: Intel® Core i5 (quad-core) or faster
  • RAM: 8 GB or more
  • Display: 1920×1080 pixels
  • Microsoft® Windows 8.1 (64 bit) or newer
  • FlightScope Sensor Connection: USB port, Wi-Fi or Ethernet port (depends on model purchased)

Minimum System Requirements (Without Video Recording Support)

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
  • RAM: 2 GB or more
  • Display: 1024×768 pixels
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista SP2 (32 or 64 bit) or newer
  • FlightScope Sensor Connection: USB port, Wi-Fi or Ethernet port (depends on model purchased)

Please Note:
Microsoft® Windows RT is not supported

FocusBand System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows 8.1 (32 or 64 bit) or newer
  • FocusBand Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 (LE) or higher

* as of March 25, 2016

Can I connect to the sensor to my own sensor?

No, not unless you are an approved systems integrator. FlightScope only supplies a software interface to selected parties who provide complementary products to FlightScope.

How do I get the new PC Software release?

You can find a download link to a 10-day free trial here. After your 10-days are up, call Golf Technologies @ 021 390 944 to purchase and activate your new software.

Cost per upgrade:

  • Customers with active support agreements: $99 USD plus Gst
  • Customers with no support agreement: $399 USD plus gst
  • FlightScope does not charge any extra fees for upgrading from older software versions.
  • Setup instructions for the Xi, Xi +, Xi Tour, X2 and the X2 Elite

Distance Requirements

  • Short Indoor Mode: The distance from the tee to the FlightScope sensor should be exactly 8 feet. For the most accurate measurements in this setup, there must be at least 8 feet of ball flight.
  • Indoor Mode: The distance from the tee to the FlightScope sensor should be 11 feet. For the most accurate measurements, there must be at least 13 feet of ball flight.

Environmental Requirements

  • Please ensure that there are no obstructions between the FlightScope sensor and the tee. Ideally, fluorescent lights should be avoided; incandescent, halogen or sodium lights are acceptable. If the location has fluorescent lights, aluminium insect screens available from any hardware store (Lowe's or The Home Depot) can be used to shade the lights.

Metal Stickers for Direct Spin Measurement (indoor only)

  • Due to the short ball flight distance in an indoor golf swing simulator set up, FlightScope requires that the ball be marked with a metal sticker to get accurate spin readings. Only one sticker is required per ball. The golf ball is placed with the sticker facing the screen, away from the clubface.

Can Flightscope be used outdoors and indoors?

FlightScope can be used outdoors (e.g. at a driving range, golf course, or other suitable venue) as well as indoors (indoor driving range, hitting cage, etc.). It is as simple as just changing a setting based on your setup.

Can Flightscope be used when it rains?

Although the FlightScope sensor will not be affected in light rain, for safety reasons it’s recommended to power down and take it indoors when rain starts.

FlightScope Technology

What is FlightScope?

FlightScope is a revolutionary measurement system developed for Golf and other sports. It provides ACTUAL measurement of balls and clubs accurately and for the first time provides quantitative data on player and equipment performance.

Flightscope radiates microwaves, is it safe ?

FlightScope is very safe. It emits an extremely low level of power, far less than a mobile phone, walkie talkie, or microwave oven. Its levels of radiation is much lower that the most stringent safety levels specified by any regulatory body or government around the world. It carries FCC, Industry Canada and EC certification.