Golf Simulators

Golf Technologies Ltd have a vast amount of experience building golf simulator bays.

Golf Simulator Bays
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We have a number of different styles and sizes to compliment any environment. We understand all facets of engineering bays to meet the highest safety standards possible and have been responsible for the majority of commercial bay builds in New Zealand and have also built bays in offshore locations in China, Australia and even Noumea.

A simulator bay is a fun addition to your home as not only do you get to improve your golf with our fantastic array of apps including Flightscope golf improvement ap and golf courses from around the world but competition modes as well to add a bit of fun to a friends visit, like longest drive or closest to the pin.

You can also throw down a few bean bags and watch movies and sport on a big screen and feel as though you are right there and part of the action. This is a truly immersive experience that the whole family and friends can share.


Innovation is key to us to bring the best possible product to market and still retain a high quality product. We have recently purchased a 3D printer that allows us to build components in house to exacting specs. Our hit screen material is manufactured in the USA specifically for golf simulators
and imported directly by us.

We constantly refine and review our manufacturing process to stay well in front of any competition.


We are the complete one stop shop and our FlightScope technology is an world industry leader who have shaken up the market by providing a launch monitor product (MEVO +) which is 20% of the cost of the Foresight Hawk yet provides all of the same information.

Spend more if you like but why, FlightScope products are constantly evolving with product upgrades improving every aspect of your golfing experience.

FlightScope are proven leaders in the launch monitor market.