FlightScope provides performance data you can trust. FlightScope’s patented fusion tracking technology is a world first, providing a realistic and accurate method for combining radar and camera data and provides 27 measurements of ball and club head parameters.

FlightScope® is in use by top golf instructors, club fitters, tour players, equipment manufacturers and is now available to you and I.

Improved Accuracy

The Mevo+ with Fusion Tracking introduces a level of accuracy and consistency never seen before.

Improved Performance

The additional Mevo+ Pro Package data gives users the opportunity to use more data to improve their performance.

27 Data Parameters

Mevo+ Pro Package users will enjoy the benefit of additional club and ball data - including club path and face angles.

Wedge D-Plane data

Eliminate missed wedge shots with the most accurate and consistent wedge D-Plane data in the industry

Data margins

Set min and max values for any data parameter in the X3 phone app to train smarter and improve consistency Coming Soon

Full swing and short game data

Includes 50+ full swing, chipping, pitching, and putting data parameters

Another world first - Environmental Optimizer

Change your environment without changing your location. Plan and prepare for all weather conditions and landscapes by modifying your environment to understand how climate variables affect your shots.

FlightScope Environmental Optimizer allows you to configure the impact of:

  • Altitude
  • Humidity
  • Air Temperature
  • Wind Speed
  • Relative Landing Height
  • Wind Direction

E6 Connect

E6 Connect is a high-quality, customizable golf simulation software that is integrated with FlightScope to provide an accurate improvement and gaming experience.

E6 Connect features stunning 4k graphics and more flexibility, customization and control than ever before. What makes our new generation of golf software truly revolutionary is its massive network designed to connect golfers around the world, from private peer-to-peer play to custom to global tournaments.

What's included in the FlightScope E6 Connect iOS Bundle:

5 golf courses:

  1. Aviara
  2. Stone Canyon
  3. Wade Hampton
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Belfry

17 practice ranges - Practice and play with a purpose on your choice of driving range layouts and skill challenging games.

Online games - Play courses, games, head-to-head matches, and more, online against anyone in the world.


  • iPad Pro 1 or later
  • iPad 5 or later
  • iPad Air 3 (Current Version)
  • iPad Mini 5 (Current Version)
  • iPhone 8 or later

Customizable interface - Select various data and video screen combinations to display during each lesson.

Lesson recording - Record lessons for valuable feedback by utilizing drawing tools and screencast with voice-over

Club and ball trace - View actual club and ball trace overlay on video along with accurate data, pressure shift, and mental training for an all-in-one solution.

MultiCam feeds - Automatically record and sync videos from multiple cameras for instant review.

Wedge D-Plane - The FlightScope X3 provides D-Plane data for valuable insight into your wedge play. Angle of attack, club path, face angles, and dynamic loft are key components to hitting accurate and consistent wedge shots.

Full Swing & Ball Flight Data - Ball Speed Club Head Speed Smash Factor Carry Distance Launch Angle Spin Rate Apex Height Flight Time Club Speed Profile Club Acceleration Profile Angle of Attack Spin Loft Launch Direction Spin Axis Roll Distance Total Distance Lateral Landing Shot Dispersion Shot Type Skills Distance to Pin Skills Score Face to Path Face to Target Club Path Vertical Swing Plane Horizontal Swing Plane Low Point Vertical Descent Angle Curve.

Chipping & Putting - Club Path Club Face Angle Launch Speed Launch Direction Total Distance Distance to Pin Lateral Position Club Head Speed Smash Factor In Miss Range Skid Distance Roll Distance.

Performance Data You Can Trust – Mevo & Mevo+

Mevo - A personal, portable launch monitor designed to help golfers improve performance

The Mevo 3D Doppler radar-based launch monitor can be used indoors and outdoors to practice with purpose and improve your overall game

  • 8 accurate performance data parameters
  • Action video clips with data overlay
  • Dial in your distances indoors and outdoors
  • Save, upload, and share each practice session


A one of a kind launch monitor and simulator giving golfers the ultimate practice and play experience

Mevo+ adds the power of Mevo with more data, more features, simulation, and gamification.

All Mevo features PLUS:

  • 8 Additional accurate data parameters
  • 5 Simulated golf courses (iOS only)
  • 17 practice ranges
  • Internal camera for easy target alignment
  • Wi-Fi hotspot provides a reliable connection

Astounding Mevo Stats

Take a look at some amazing results our Mevo customers are achieving.

  • 300+ yards Longest drive
  • 100+ mph Highest club head speed
  • Over 1 Billion Total yards tracked
  • Over 10 Million Total shots hit

Mevo and Mevo+ Mobile Apps

The free mobile apps give you the ability to take your game to the next level when paired with a FlightScope Mevo or Mevo+ radar. The Mevo is available with the FlightScope Mevo Golf app. The Mevo+ is available with the FlightScope Golf app, FlightScope Skills app, and E6 Connect simulation software.

Compatabilty and Integration

FlightScope users are able to integrate their FlightScope launch monitor data into this highly sophisticated Swing Catalyst video analysis software that supports up to 4 high speed or conventional cameras.

Combined with the unique Swing Catalyst 3D motion plate, FlightScope users have the ability to measure data relative to the rotational forces a golfer generates. The data is automatically stored with each individual swing in a single file allowing you to easily track improvements over time, providing an enhanced learning experience.

Mevo+ Pro Package

An add-on option to the award winning Mevo+ that gives access to more data parameters powered by FlightScope's patented Fusion Tracking technology.

One-time payment - no subscription required.

Additional data included with the Pro Package will be provided through an electronic license key.

Fusion Tracking for Mevo+

FlightScope's Patented Fusion Tracking technology is an innovative combination of 3D Doppler Tracking Radar and synchronized image processing for unmatched data accuracy. FlightScope recognizes that radar and camera technologies have strengths and weaknesses and therefore we have combined the 2 methods into Fusion Tracking to provide the best of both technologies.

Fusion tracking

Patented technology that combines 3D tracking radar and image processing for unmatched data accuracy

Data and video combined

Capture data and automatically clip video from multiple camera feeds for every shot

Environmental optimizer

Adjust your environment to plan and prepare for all weather conditions and landscapes


Additional Benefits

Unlock D-Plane data on all applications compatible with the Mevo+.

Simulated Golf

The additional data parameters included with the Pro Package will be unlocked in all of our simulation options.

Skills Challenges

Improve your performance in the FlightScope Skills app with the additional data included with the Pro Package.