Integration with Swing Catalyst

Swing Catalyst Flightscope Comp

Golf Technologies core product sets of Flightscope and Swing Catalyst combine to give New Zealand golfers the best products from around the globe. The integration is completely seamless and offers a truly automated system allowing the golfer or the coach to understand the data and not be distracted by trying to be an expert in PC technology.

“We are proud to announce this partnership with EDH and Flightscope, as it is one of the most recognized - and absolute highest quality providers in the 'game improvement market' for golf. We truly believe that this partnership will benefit all new and existing FlightScope customers who seek to combine their FlightScope tracking device with an easy to use video analysis tool.” - Tom Christian Lindvaag, Marketing and Communication Manager at Swing Catalyst

New and existing FlightScope users will now be able to integrate their FlightScope launch monitor data into this highly sophisticated video analysis software that supports up to 4 high speed or conventional cameras. Combined with the unique Swing Catalyst 3D motion plate, FlightScope users will now have the ability to measure data relative to the rotational forces a golfer generates.

Swing Catalyst allows you to instantly view the FlightScope data with the video images of the swing. The data is automatically stored with each individual swing in a single file. This way you can easily track improvements over time!

The Swing Catalyst Studio will become your flagship game improvement system. It gives you powerful tools which help you provide a better learning experience to your students, making you or your academy more attractive to potential clients.

Features & Packages

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Flightscope Integration