Flightscope Mevo + Pro Package

Please note that our Bays and Simulators are fully customised to fit your needs and the space you have and prices are just a guide only.

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New for Mevo+


An add-on option to the award winning Mevo+ that gives access to more data parameters - including the complete D-plane dataset - and is powered by patented FlightScope Fusion Tracking technology.

Complete D-Plane Data

Mevo+ Pro Package users will enjoy the benefit of additional club and ball data - including club path and face angles. Mevo+ Pro Package users will have access to 40+ data parameters.

Fusion Tracking Accuracy

The Mevo+ with patented Fusion Tracking introduces an enhanced level of accuracy and consistency.

No Subscription Required

With a simple one-time fee for activation, the Mevo+ Pro Package does not require a subscription and you’ll have access to the additional data for the lifetime of the unit.

Chipping and Putting

Pro Package users can utilize all chipping and 3 putting data parameters for teaching, fitting, and practice sessions. 


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